The way of silk

The fragile

The soft

The noble

The beautiful

Just as the ancient silk route , Analía builds through the use of colour the paths between 

the different situations that present themselves in each piece of her work and that, in their iconography, join

Western and Eastern cultures.

And it is not by chance that Analía, Argentine artist and passionate Budhist, accentuated her interest for this kind of

motives from different backgrounds after migrating to a city that is absolutely multicultural. Wherever she goes she

takes her Gohonzon, her Universe, which enriches itself by nourishing from the environment.

She taught me, through her Budhist practice, that in life we should learn to transform poison into medicine and, as

it often happens, personal life goes beyond the limits and filters into our labour activity. This way, her work, beyond

formal breaks, beyond different situations or the simplicity of the components, shows a deniable beauty.

On the other hand, and making one more analogy with her life philosophy, it would be useless if it could not be applied

to everyday life.

Common elements, such as papers, stickers, plastic flowers and garlands and everyday topics such as women,

plants, sensuality, erotism and love make these works of easy access for every one.

The procedure by the artist is based on relating all these things to form a whole that presents itself as fragmented

and unified at the same time, in which each part can be understood at different levels.

Thus, Analía represents herself by juxtaposing different parts of the “puzzle that is her inconscious”, where each

fragment speaks about her and her interests. And even the fragility of the materials, as plastic or paper, describe


Analía´s work is about strength and vulnerability at the same time, about the relativeness of both terms as

strength, transformed into rigidity, can break and vulnerability, converted into flexibility, can be a sign of strength.

But also, and above all, the strength to fit, each and every day, the puzzle of our own life, once again, transforming

poison into medicine.

Florencia Sabá

Independent curator & art dealer

Buenos Aires, December 2007